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We are wyld

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We are Wyld

Wyld is created by Ali and Jimmy, in the truly wild and beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. 
With love for excellent coffee and a passion for nutrition we are proud to share the first adaptogenic coffee in Aotearoa.

Ali has mycelium in her DNA - she comes from generations of Dutch mushroom farmers, and she understands the power of the humble fungi. Ali’s grandparents moved to NZ in 1950's and set up Marshlands Mushrooms in Christchurch. Her dad took over the family business back in 1980 and she grew up composting, sowing, and harvesting mushrooms. It must have been this earthy upbringing that made her so interested in the health and wellbeing of the human biome. Ali’s passion for nutrition and wellness has extended into everything she does, from her film making career, to teaching pilates and being a five star mum. She knows what’s good for you and she only picks quality. 
That’s why she picked Jimmy, as her (humble) partner. He thought he was a coffee snob, until he met Ali - she showed him a whole other level of connoisseurship. Jimmy grew up on a watermelon farm in the Bay of Plenty, his love for all things fresh and local is ingrained in his bones. An accomplished multi-tasker, Jimmy makes films and operates several small businesses from home, whilst also finding time to dive, skate, forage and father... he wouldn't be able to do it without the coffee and mushrooms!


Our ethos is to produce ethical, sustainable and life-giving products. We only use organic and fair-trade ingredients. We believe in putting the environment and the health of people and planet first. To this end we use profit to support the drive for a cleaner, more ethical and sustainable business, as well as research and development into local sourced tonics and natural remedies from right here in Aotearoa

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